The 42 Minute Meeting

The Prime Minister of Canada and the President of the United States had a meeting the other day. Mr. Harper arrived in Washington the day before the meeting. This makes me wonder why. What did he do thee the night before? Did he see the sights? And where did he stay? Did he get a hotel room or stay at the White House? The White House probably has extensive guest rooms, but it is a little strange to think of the leader of a country going to his ‘friend’s’ house for a sleep over.

The meeting itself was scheduled for 42 minutes. Not 40, not 45, just 42. That is a strange number. What did they do? Set a timer? Okay, 42 minutes are up, everyone out. Who decides how long these meeting will be? Did Prime Minister Harper say, “Let’s have a 42 minute meeting” and President Obama said, “Sure, 42 minutes sounds good.” It is more likely though, that that was all the time the President could spare.

The media made such a big deal about the two being on a first name basis. Why is that so strange? They are both leaders of big and powerful countries, are they supposed to hate each other? Nothing was accomplished at this meeting anyway. I think they spent the whole time talking about the weather.
The next day Prime Minister Harper was scheduled to meet with congress. This meeting was touted as being even more important than his meeting with the President. I think that is ridiculous. I do not know exactly how politics work, but how can congress be more important than the leader of the country?

A few weeks earlier Prime Minister Harper and President Obama where both in Mexico meeting with President Calderón. There was not much on the news about that meeting, but they were all smiling for the cameras, so hopefully all went well.

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