The DelHagen Equation Is Finally Reached: Congress Is Literally Spending At The Speed Of Light

What is known as the Del Hagen Equation named for its founder Jacob M Del Hagen, a computer architect and entrepreneur first identified the equation in which congress will be spending as fast as the speed of light; has been reached.

The Del Hagen equation is very simple. However, it puts the out of control spending into perspective:

For every $1.00 USD Congress Spends = 1 Mile

Light travels at: 299,792,458 m / s or about 5,878,630,000,000 Trillion miles in a year.

So on its current track Congress is set to spend 5-6 Trillion $USD or about 1 Light Year.

In short , in 2010 its estimated that Congress will actually out spend the speed of light, putting the US tax payer at more than a light year in debt which is approximately 5-6 Trillion $USD.

This comes as no shock to many economists who have been warning about over speeding for years. “While many of us never expected congress to hit the Del Hagen Equation, it in fact seems to be true. Congress is spending as fast as the speed of light” Said one Noted Economist.

We reached Del Hagen for comment on his face book page “ It’s hard to imagine that any government can spend as fast as the speed of light. I proposed the equation some years ago when I never in fact thought our government would be so financially irresponsible to reach the equation.   “Said DelHagen

“As business man if I was ever to run my accounting the way the congress runs its books I would be put in jail. Perhaps, this will be just the incentive the public needs to make congress abide by the same laws we do. I thought the idea of America was to do away with kings and queens that have no accountability”   Said Del Hagen

White House Officials could not be reached for comment.   Story first found on

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