The G8 and The New World Order

The G8 consists of the 8 richest countries in the world. They hold summit meetings and at these meetings they decide the fate of the world. All must be in agreement to follow through with the goals they have set up, yet bribery in terms of pollution laws, or anything the country may desire to increase it’s ridiculous GDP even higher.

Ladies and Gentlemen, they control the world. The United States along with multinational agribusiness are manufacturing plants that have been genetically modified so they render sterile seeds at harvest. Let’s delve ourselves into this and look at exactly how revolting it is. Businesses/governments are putting money into the research of of a crop that will produce sterile seeds, and for what purpose? These suicide crops are sent to Africa as ‘aid’. It’s clear that the G8 has no desire to make the African people dependant on themselves; Rich nations don’t want to lose their control over Africa and are therefore sending them crops that live but once and cannot reproduce. Looking away from Africa, the same problems will happen at home if suicide seeds ever hit the economy. It will force workers to buy seeds more frequently, hence increasing profits of the suppliers. This violates the right to self-determination. Agriculture workers will HAVE to buy these new seeds every year, they can’t stock for the next year with these seeds; and once again the government is trying to control things to a ridiculous extent.

They even pool together their information on terrorism. I may just be paranoid (“A paranoid is merely someone with all the facts” – Spider Jerusalem) but the dystopia that many novels have depicted (Brave New World, The Giver, 1984, etc) is rapidly approaching. Laws are being passed without the public paying attention, we’re letting them seize control.

The New World Order is a conspiracy theory about one group of people taking over/controlling the world. This group IS the G8, other countries are allowed seats at their meetings but cannot voice their arguments. Whatever the G8 want done, as long as they agree on it, will be done.

Fight The New World Order.

I was born in Ajax and lived there until my father got a job in Mexico City, which he accepted. I lived in Mexico for the majority of my life, since the age of 6 and we returned to Canada when I was 16. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’m Currently in my senior year and am currently planning on volunteering in South Africa to do human rights upon finishing high school for around a year, then returning to Canada to study journalism and the dream is to become a journalist.

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