The history of the United States Democratic Party

Despite the important role of the Democratic Party in the American political history, only few Americans can declare the major facts in its history. The Democrats dominated the U.S. politics in two distinct periods: between 1828 and 1860 and between 1932 and 2000. The establishment of Democratic Party happened in 1829 when Andrew Jackson became the President of the United States. If the majority of Americans had not liked Jackson’s ideas in the 1820s, the Democratic Party would have never been founded. In those days, the Democrats were favouring slavery and they supported it in the Southern states, where it was one normal aspect of the daily life.

After the civil war, the Democrats became the contracting part of the big enterprise and this was the main reason for attracting losing the most flourishing voters in the North. Moreover, the Democrats were in position to improve the urban political machine with the votes from the immigrants and others that were given employment. This intelligent combination of big urban support from the North and the undeniable support from the South, prepared the ground for the Democrats in order to gain the Presidency or the Control Congress. This became obvious in the presidential elections of 1884, which were gained by the Democrat Grover Cleveland. He gained the solid support from the South, the states of the borders, as well as Indiana, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

In the period between the civil war and the Great Depression, the Democrats represented the prohibition of voting to African American people in the South. This was made explicit with the election of President Woodrow Wilson, who remained in power from 1913 to 1920. Wilson became President because he had the bulky support from the South thus gaining an important advantage from his co-senators in Democratic Party. Despite the fact that he received only 41%, he gained the Presidency thanks to the First World War and grace. After the Presidency of Wilson, the Democrats played a marginal role in the U.S. politics and were related to the big financial crisis.

When the Democrat Franklin Roosevelt was elected, the American electoral body was already accusing the Democrats for the financial crisis of 1929. The United States needed to make a shift to a state of social providence like many European countries had already done. The new negotiation that was proposed by the Democrats covered only a small part of social insurance. However, the time was right for the introduction of a new program of negotiation that was essential in order to bring the United States closer to the advanced European countries in terms of social benefits.

African Americans aligned themselves with the Democratic Party until the 1960s. The Democrats under President Johnson established and imposed an important action of urban rights. Johnson led also the Democrats to the war against poverty. Unfortunately, the cost of this program should be combined with the cost of the war of Vietnam and this led to the rise of deflation in the 1970s. Then, in the 1990s, during the Presidency of President Clinton the movement of democrats was in the correct side of the political spectrum and proceeded in a welfare reform.

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