The hunt for Bin Laden continues

I am not a big news fan to be honest I watch it mainly for the weather. To me it just seems every time you turn it on all you see is the bad things in world, and nothing really good beside the lottery winners, which is not me so that is still bad news. However I did see a news story on CNN that kept me glued to the TV even though it was bad news.

The news broadcasters were talking about how the U.S. officials and other NATO top officers are using a lot of their intelligence to try to find Osama Bin Laden and are still not even close. It’s amazing that they have been looking up and down Afghanistan and Pakistan for this one man and they cannot find him, for all we know he could be hiding in Texas at a ranch next door to former President Bush. I mean if two random people can walk into a dinner with the President Obama undetected anything can happen.

I know Osama is the pride and joy for the Taliban and every terrorist group that hates the United States but it has been eight years and we still cannot locate him even with thousands of troops over there. Since 911 U.S. intelligence immediately knew the mastermind behind the attacks that took the lives of many innocent Americans and two of our countries proudest ski scrapers to be lost forever. What makes this whole thing bizarre is the fact that a few months after the attacks U.S. military leaders knew where he was and decided not to act on it. Now here we are eight years later and he is the most wanted man alive and they just cannot seem to find that one needle in the haystack.

I know at the time it may of not been the right move considering that he was hiding in a different country who’s laws differ from ours. However he was hiding in a country where if things go wrong within the government they look to the U.S. and NATO to quickly step in and help out. So when we had the brief chance to capture him military officials should have acted on it. For instance if you are a suspect for some small crime the police can just pick you up and bring you in for questioning without fearing any backlash. Although this situation is on a bigger scale, had he been captured long time ago most of the young men and women who are risking their lives everyday could be home with their families instead fearing suicide bombers, and death traps around every corner.

Maybe one day Bin Laden will be caught, for all we know given our unreliable resources that never seem to pan out he could already be dead. One thing I cannot understand is that military officials think Bin Laden is near North Warziristan in Pakistan, which is an area where the Taliban can freely roam and do whatever they want.

Even though the area is considered lawless should not that be our main focus if our troops are really overseas to find and stop the terrorist responsible for 911.

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