The women of the Senate and Congress should Revolt!

To the Women of The Senate and the Congress. Refuse to vote for any health care bill that includes any treatment for Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, enhancement Drugs, and any other health care you can think of that is male specific.

Representative Bart Stupak says he will block the health Care Bill to keep abortion out of it. This is a Democrat saying this. I understand Joe Lieberman looking out for himself and Connecticut Insurance Companies. Not even surprising. That’s just the kind of human being he has always been. Thank God George Bush stole the White House! Considering who we could have had a heartbeat away from the Presidency. I’m getting sick to my stomach just sitting here thinking how close we came to that horror. Whew!!!

But anyway… this congress person wants to use the Health Care Bill to force his will on the Women of this Country. A few other congress people are willing to sell out the people of this Country too, because they are owned by some Insurance Company. But this one wants to deny people health care coverage and let them die, so he can force his will on the Women of this country concerning the abortion issue. As a man that makes me crazy. What place does man’s opinion or judgment have in that women’s issue. I feel the only men that should have a say on abortion are the men that need one. Anybody seen one yet?

?Let us all just admit there is not going to be any health care bill this year that is worth a Damn. The President played it a little too cute and stayed silent way too long while Paris was burning. We are not going to have a real Health Care Bill until after the Mid-Term Elections when these sellouts are replaced with real Representative for the People of their States; then we can concentrate on a Real Health Care Bill.

Madam Senator and Representative, please speak up. Let’s have at least one legitimate reason for the killing of this Health Care Bill. At least, lay this Bill to rest with the understanding that the people that are going to die, until the mid-term elections, will die needlessly; but, they will at least know that the Health Care Bill the rest of us finally get will be fair, and cover All the People for All the Medical Care they need.

I hope I have it all wrong. I hope there’s some intricate little dealings going on a simple man like me would not be aware of. I just don’t see anyone accept the Congress Person from Florida actually standing up for us, and telling us the truth. The People of the United States deserve more than this after we did our part in the Presidential Election. Ladies of Congress, you could stand up for the women of this country in a big way. And the thought of sending those puppets home to their insurance company bosses empty handed makes the wait a lot easier to bear.

I started writing political articles during the Obama, Clinton, and McCain/Palen primaries. I found my true passion. I hope you feel where I’m coming from. Check out my blog on HubPages.

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