Who represents the public?

Pakistani society is kind of primitive society in this modern age. Still we will have to go a long way to learn different concepts about how to live in this modern world. But the problem is that we don’t feel that we are deficient in many areas and there is a need for learning to rise above this hollow self-righteousness. Every one considers is opinion to be the ultimate and accurate. And every one claims that he represents the real public opinion. Of course any one can express his or her views but the situation gets worsened when no one is accepting the other’s point of view even on the matters of national security. It is not called a public debate but rather it is stubbornness.

            Regarding our present government performance a lot has been said and still electronic media hawks, civil society, hidden hands, opposition, pressure groups and even terrorist groups are in search of any episode when government loses its balance and they start taking advantage of the situation. All these concerned parties claim to be a symbol of public opinion. But what is the criterion to get exact glimpse of the public opinion?

            In 63 years of Pakistan history establishment played with democracy and politicians. Sometimes politicians were defamed by direct propaganda against them and sometimes different political pressure groups were bribed to disrupt the political process. But now a days those old tactics can not be used so now there is a struggle among different groups like media, civil society, judiciary and lawyers to gain a position of decisive factor that can bring change.

            But in this struggle they have gone very far. Pretending to be a symbol of public opinion these struggling groups have started an unending war of blames and interference and crossing the prescribed limits.

            For example Judiciary intervened to control the prices of sugar but instead of providing relief to the people this interference has put a question mark on the performance of Judiciary. Media, rather than telling the truth and disclosing the names of those who are involved in this sugar conspiracy, blamed the government for mishandling the situation. And Last week an anchor after the government retreat on National Reconciliation Ordinance, declared that the “party is over”. He was of the opinion that Zardari will be out of the scene in a couple of days. But we see that instead of fall of the government the ruling party won maximum seats in Gilgat Baltistan elections.

            It was a slap on the faces of those who were presenting Zardari as a failed leader. It is proved that these so called popularity surveys and views of these stubborn anchors do not represent public opinion. Public has expressed their opinion by casting their votes and now it must be clear that basically politicians represent public opinion. Corruption is part of our political culture and this corruption can be eradicated only by more democracy and by allowing the system to work for five years.

            It is said that politics is not the name of principles but rather it is the name of possibilities. Is this possible that all of us can achieve our ideals? The answer is no. So how can we say that we are successful in our lives? But if thought carefully we can get only those objectives which are possible to accomplish. The same is the case with politicians. What we journalists and analysts present in our columns and TV programs is mostly the story of idealism. We base our discussion on an ideological idol and then start worshiping that. That is the reason that politicians can’t satisfy us.  That is not the mentality of our journalists only. Every one of us has the same attitude. Indeed there must be some standard in our minds so that we can test our performance. But that ideal and standard must be from the real world. We must compare our government with the surrounding Asian governments. It is not logical to compare our system with western world. We as a nation still lag behind and so is the case with our system.

            Public opinion is very complex phenomenon. It is not possible to get exact public point of view by distributing questionnaire for interviewing among few hundred people mostly educated. If these few hundred people can represent 170 million people of Pakistan so why the popularly elected parliament is abused?  Is this fair that the people who won elections by getting thousands of votes are rejected on the grounds that their popularity graphs are low? Or simply because they were not able to answer the questions of an anchor.

The author is a column writer. His Articles can be seen at The Frontier Post and Statesman . He supports democracy and human rights.

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