Arizona Immigration Bill Reopens National Debate

The Arizona State’s immigration bill was recently passed into law by the governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer. The Arizona immigration law obliges immigrants to keep with them their immigrant documents at all times. As per the law, police officers are authorized to demand any suspicious individual for their alien registration documents. Consequently a national debate has been raised among politicians, pundits, and citizens by this controversial law.

The Arizona immigration law has also been criticized by President Obama who called the law, “misguided.” Since he felt that this law might intervene with an individual’s civil rights, he insisted on the law being monitored by the Justice Department.

For the first time, Obama had expressed his opposition to the Arizona immigration law at a naturalization ceremony that was held for 24 foreign-born U.S. military members. At the address he had requested the country to work towards a different future and not like the one that was envisioned through the Arizona immigration law.

President Obama was accompanied by Janet Napolitano, the Homeland Security Secretary at the Rose Garden event. Similar bills were disallowed by Janet Napolitano during her two term tenure as Arizona’s democratic governor. Giving the reason for her refusal to permit the law, she stated that those bills would have held the law enforcement forces back from safeguarding the public from serious threats.

The immigrant advocates and the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona believe that as most police officers are not trained enough to take anything other than race during the investigation of legal status of a suspect, they view the Arizona immigration law as a threat to a citizen’s civil rights raising the issue of racial profiling.

The national immigration reform debate has been reopened by the Arizona immigration law. In order to prevent such irresponsibility’s by others, President Obama has requested the federal government to take initiatives.

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