Fundraising By Thom Collier Demonstrates A Truly Grassroots Campaign

Thom Collier has proven that his campaign is truly “grassroots” by raising over $100,000 in his bid to become the Republican nominee for State Senate.  Collier is also the first candidate in the race to cross the $100,000 milestone.

Thom Collier has out-raised all three of his opponents COMBINED in the first 12 month period.  For calendar year 2009, Collier out-raised his next closest competitor, an incumbent House member, by nearly $30,000, even though 59% of his opponent’s fundraising came from special interest lobbying groups.

Thom Collier raised $103,200 from 330 individual contributors. In stark contrast to his next closest competitor, only 3% of Collier’s $106,500 fundraising efforts were from Political Action Committees.  Further separating Collier from his opponents, Collier was the only candidate to receive significant contributions from individual donors in all five counties of the 19th Senate District.

Other candidates in this race have loaned their campaign thousands of dollars to make up for the lack of grassroots support.  Thom Collier is running his campaign debt-free, and just like his views on state government, believes that his campaign should be fiscally responsible.

With 83 days left in this campaign, Thom Collier is relying on conservative activists from all five counties in the 19th District to help him get his message out.  Volunteers and individual contributors will make the difference in this race.

Thom Collier stated, “I have been humbled by the support of so many on this campaign.  People have dedicated their time, talent, and treasure to help me get our conservative message to the voters.  The work, however, is just beginning.  Over the next two and a half months, I will be working extremely hard to get our message to the voters.  Ohio is at a crossroads, and we need conservative leaders now more than ever.  I am the only candidate with both business and state government experience, and I am in the best position to get the job done in Columbus.”

During a time when high taxes, uncontrolled government spending, and policies that are unfriendly to businesses and job creation, Thom Collier and his clear record of conservative policies on fiscal responsibility on the State level and for creating policies that favor businesses and job growth should prove very favorable in the upcoming state elections.

Paid for by the committee to elect Thom Collier, Kelly Schermerhorn, Treasurer, 607 East High Street, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050. For more information about Thom Collier, visit

About the Author:
Matthew D. Parker is the President and Founder of Front Porch Strategies, a national voter contact firm based out of Columbus, Ohio. Prior to forming Front Porch Strategies in 2006, Parker worked as a senior account executive at BrabenderCox, an award winning political, media, and marketing firm. He has also served as a top congressional aide, campaign manager, and a White House intern in the Office of Political Affairs. A native of West Virginia, Matthew holds a degree in Economics with a minor in Political Science from Marietta College.
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