How does both the Marxist and capitalist philosophical crisis get stimulus from the each other (Part4 of 5)

How does both the Marxist and capitalist philosophical crisis get stimulus from the each other (Part4 of 5)


Situational factors leads to organizational factors from individual to massive way was the real potential source of the society for its progress and its advancements from ancient to present capitalism in the world indifferently to all the states including India.


Tools in hands were deprived of by those wanted to keep the productive forced unite was the first step of the powerful lords who gained control over the people, resources, and its productions in the dwelling areas of the society. In essence, the initiation stage of the civilization in which the people were allowed to live in a common life with the women, children, and  the feeder as an unit of the family as its first freedom of leaving from the system of common dwelling in unity with the family who belonged to the blood relations of the lords


.The blood related males were the first alienated from the common living dwelling centers with their tools and belongings as a unit of their own family including their females, children, and some males who were thought to be useful for the practical purposes of securing the needs of the family. The very basic relaxation was at this alienation from the common dwelling centers were believes that they would never turn in hostilities against the first lords. The ‘trust’ was the basic requirement in allowing the blood related families which was the need at that time, with a view to help them in case of any dangers to either their lives the lords or to their resources by the enemies within the common dwelling centers or from the out side source including natural disasters like floods.


 The basic need of the newly alienating blood related lords was food, shelter, females, children, and some domesticated animals, like a dog, sheep, bull, and some metal tools within the same common dwelling centers. While alienating from the power of the lords the newly emerging blood related lords, they have made themselves as an another power center within common, dwelling habitations quite for some time as an adjustments for the purpose of the safely and guarantee that was the basic need of every one to live together under one common force which was controlled by the lords.


The alienation from power centre within same common dwelling units was firstly, as half in the way of independence within itself and in second way that was in physical and in complete physical by migrating to some other areas in accordance to the physical conditions of the areas which were mostly plane areas. The very nature of divisions of the were taken place in two way further more while the progress and advancement of the civilizations, at that time. These initial alienations from themselves were resulted the unending expansions of the migrations with tools, domestic animals, women, children, and having some skilled, and unskilled men for the purpose of formation of further dwelling centers.


 All such was consisted with men of skilled and un-skilled, women, children, domesticated animals, as a unit of civilization at the plane areas mostly they used to choose on the banks of the rivers from African forests to its surrounding plane areas and the river banks. As we know that till now the name in the list of the civilizations, the first Mesopotamian civilization was come into being from the roots of the evolutionary changes and progress of the humans and their material relations in the world. The alienation of few men from the work of production, was caused to form the dependent system of the state on the productive forces and its material at the cost of security and guarantee to the other humans as well as the taking charge of entrusting the duties, choosing the mighty, active and skilled men was the origin and requirement of the early form and early stage of its important model of the state at that time. The causes of the origin of the states in almost all the states in the world were very different from each other and do not claim as same for the causes of the origin of the states in all countries


. In India there are no such findings and inventions are proved that the Indians or Asians who had the direct relations of the origin of the humans from the evolutionary changes of the humans and growth of the civilization on the banks of the Saraswati River known as harappa and moenjodaro civilization that was existed. I do not claim on the origin of human beings in Asian region on the very basis of the same like that of the African. Because no findings are being proved about its origin and growth at the Indian subcontinent, but surely I can say that the reference in Rig-Veda about the habitations of other sects, or cults were in existence. Ganas and janapadas are known about the existence of other cultured people through the first hand history book of Indian civilization


. At the same time I do not like to go into the depth of the Aryan invasion theory or its anti-thesis now very much in popularity in the contest of the new findings through the ‘horse’ as a symbol of the new findings about the origins of Aryans as native people this region. Where the question of faith comes before anybody as to make to think through the theories, evidences, supporting proofs, and all that demanding as a proof of certain things in the world, though there may be an option to believe that certain things as facts or disbelieving them as certain things as facts, are definitely depending on the mind and the set of beliefs of the person’ interests only


. Because human being is not either mechanical tool or material thing like that of lifeless things in the world to give its same responses, ideas, notions, reaction, contributions, sacrifices, lovingness, hatefulness, activities on all issues in similar way of the mechanical applications and on the material way of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and other life sciences. Off course the human nature is such a thing that could be corrupted long back while living in the forests and caves in African forests


. If the mechanical and material way of thinking if the humans had been formulated like a program of any soft ware we could be long back turned as robots to act on the orders of the lords, or feudal, or capitalist, or warriors, or messengers, or saints, or sages of the world. There could be no need to wonder the Moses for a promised land, or no need to crucify the Jesus Christ, or no need to desist the way of violence of Buddha, or no need to live the saints of Brahmanism on the mercy of the people for whom they choose to write the whole Hindu literature in making the religion as the culture of the Indian civilization from its Vedic period to present activities of the Tirupati Balaji temple’s mass marriage program. This kind of program, the Muslim community is in its bad need this time. If any waqf or national or charity program would take the similar program for Indian Muslims, it would give good results in India. However it is another case which would be discussed later.


Coming back to the slavery which was firstly in a minimum way in its initial stage and it took later in the biggest level when the lords were turned as the kings in the history. While the period of lords, on the question of areas of resources for the existence of the high level habitations in their areas, the feeding question was raised and lead them to fight against each other. The quarrels were on many questions, of which one was primarily territorial controls. The wars ware intended to gain the control over the resources, for the stocks, for slaves and for women also.


The largest man power in need of the protection of the habitations they felt in different fronts in different way they were resorted to attack against each other, they started building the fortresses, dens, walls, gates for the armies. The slaves again were played key role in extension of the areas. Well built slaves were identified and used as the soldiers depending on the loyalty subjects in many subjects. The slave’s skills and their slavery were separated from each other and give rise to another form of their living in the society on its own way. It was not possible for all slaves to get the skilled work of waging wars as soldiers, but depending on the abilities of their own not only in the warrior’s game but the loyalty was the prerequisite to overcome from the slavery in individual way.


This slavery was continued up to 17 and 18th centuries in British government even after the emergence of capitalist society in 12 and 13th century in British, roman and European empires. Officially slavery was banned in British government in 17 or 18th century. Indian system was unique we must accept, that slavery was never allowed to be taken place up to 6th century. The Manu Smriti which had discrimination against Dalits would never be compared with the slavery and its system in India in many accounts. Before taking the shape of slavery from individual and society to the state level as a need and unavoidable vacuum it has further taken to the other form from slave duty to soldier in a big way, because has been firstly treated as an asset of the society and then individual’s property and in both ways run in the Greece.


The slaves were of four to five types as it was known through their origin and their existence in Greece. By birth was the first, secondly those who had been enslaved in the wars, third was those who could not pay their debts to their masters and those who themselves offer to work on the terms of payments and feedings. The freeness from the serfdom could be purchased from their masters and the laws of that time were allowed to engage the human trading in the open market with signs on then through tattoo like marks on their skin for visibility. 


The laws were in legal form through which the freedom could be purchased and could be sold in the open market. This kind of markets on men like animals was the legalized formula of the Greek society at that time. The legalization of any custom or any act by the kings or the rulers in the majority form as an unavoidable act within the society, for which all members of the society extend their consent on any act which could be automatically sanctioned as a law of the society and then it takes its validation by the state. In ancient times the social laws were the first to introduce in the society which could give the way for majority of the members in the form of grant of will majority people that could take as a social law of that time and then it could lead into the state’s affair which has to ratify as the law of the state. The rulers or the kings in the ancient time in any state, the people first finds the need of following the act that was committed by any single or few in a specific time frame or in a little frequent the people were to discuss its legality and its merits in the interest of even few and all acceptance as a free will that could take in the form of social law which means the consent of the people was behind in legalizing the act as law. At the same time, if any law was introduced by the few in the ill motives for their own interest the act could never be made to implement by the majority of the people at that time. So all the history of the laws was definitely the sanction of the state only after the society was allowed the act to be existed by many people in any state in the world. That is why I already clarified the difference between the social laws and the state laws in my previous article.


While the progressing and developing of the society through step by step on the developments in the subjects of the productive tools, and on its controlling system of governance in filling up of the needs the people for their subjects of the particular time, the skills were to play according to footing into the way of leading the society with the people in totality.


A particular attention, ability and cleverish attitude of fulfilling nature of the assigned task was the leader for those who were in lead like a leaders and all that what they left for the others of the remained members of the next in rank or in generation, was the subjects and the same subjects were to learn by other rank and the other people who engages in such acts of full filling the needs as demands of that time till the invention of the language.


And the same was after invention of the language all that were recorded as material facts with some additional inclusions of the feeling and their aspirations. At the same time, the learning the language and writing about their feelings and thoughts were made them to have a work in the filed of education. Again one more thing they were to learn in education. And education was emerged as an essential factor for the people at that time. So they learned and had written some subjects on the available material of the time on the rock, on leave, on the wood, and on the metals. Their past acts entirely came into being to know the next generations of that time.


 I do not say all the writings were correct and their experiences were correct but I say definitely by inventing and finding the writing system indicated that they felt to communicate about themselves to the next ranks and their generations in the lost desirable form of language, so the act of invention and practicing was and is understood how were they lived at that time and how were their need are very essential to understand the past and present need of assessing the social conditions of the world. We can fight with the person and we cannot fight against the need of position of the person who occupies in the need of the person


. We can avoid the hunger for a while and we cannot avoid the hungry permanently. of  Because all the written works after the invention of the language could not be believable facts of the history and the historical works about the past and their descriptive factors about the history could never be believed and it was the fact and nature of the society. If all the facts were correct then it was no need to punish the great philosopher to punish in an open place on the charging some immaterial facts in his life.


The whole history and its nature are quite against the popular assumption that the people in massive way could not do anything in the primary level. The invention or any finding in the history was and is an act of individuals only and after the individual’s acts upon which the people put their mind and think about its validity for adoption to follow it in a big way. And the acts of the massive people with their consent and approval for committing any act that act and its purpose could be successful. It means the act of individual if not countable in the list of inventions and the findings the whole process of invention, understanding it as essential one as common need of the society, adoption to follow in the form of action upon such invention and findings, direct participation of the people in massive way with sense of feeling that as their task that particular act could only be achieved


. The credit of fulfilling the task was definitely belonged to the people only at the same time the recognization of the invention and finding that basic need upon which the entire people were acted goes to those particular individuals only. The history and its nature are moving on the very same principle. In India there is popular saying that if one sheep fell in the well all the group will fell into the well. The Indian shepherds found this popular saying. So individual act prior to group act is the identical with one another through which the whole process of progress and developments in the history moves and moves further.


Recognization of individual act upon which the massive act if it was followed the findings, followers, and the need could be understood in a chain of facts which are and were linked with each other in leading the society into progress and advancements.

The main and basic factors, in conflicting needs of society at both individual, communities, temples and at state level in the slave society system, the kings of Sumerians were built the structures in big way. The reasons and needs of transformation of the society from slave system to feudal system in Sumerians were noted in the following manner.


The individual masters, lords and communal or temple committees were unable to maintain the slaves in their way of tools or in the way of animals due to the non-cooperation acts of the slaves, and frequent violation of the agreements between the slaves and masters. Heavy punishments on violation of the agreements from the master’s side and the written laws were come into force for maintaining the social balance between the masters and slaves. The competitive need of the soldier like slaves in attending the kings subjects at the kings fortresses. The kings impositions of burden for the kings subjects in the most competitive way to meet the challenges of the other rival Akkadian kingdoms at that time


. The heavy burden on the requirements were on the shoulders was in fulfilling the requirements of their duties they engages in different ways.

First they were at individuals residences. Secondly they were engages in community level temple works and thirdly they were at the state’s subjects. When the heavy burden was imposed by the individual masters in the farming, cultivation, and cattle works, the slave would emerge the most valued individual in his subjects, so that the demand of the skills work of the slaves in other works made them to emerge a demanded commodity in the market.


The frequent changes of the masters and getting the slaves, have emerged to own the  women made them to become the freemen with little belongings in the process of the progress of the society. In the individual cases, the weak master and the strong slave relations were interchangeable in the social values. The zeal and inspiration of owning the little needs of the animals, residences, women, and children was made them to emerge the slaves from the slavery to the mastery position slowly in individual basis. At the same time, the community run temple affairs were began to diminish from one to another due to the heave burdens of the penalties over the masters by the states due to make the society to run balance and it had already busy in engaging heavy number of slaves at its treasure that made the slaves to live in a some sort of dignity and honor in the society.

The subjects of the kings were also widened from its mere running the affairs of its limited subjects to vast subjects of maintaining the laws, prisons, judiciary, stocks, policing and intelligence works within and outside of the kingdom. Consequently the slaves were well accommodated in newly emerging subjects of the states at the state level as well as developing the multiple works at the masters were made them some more high level of importance in the society that that of their past in which the limited subjects there. On the other hand in the state’s subjects the massive recruitment was made the slaves who were skilled in the laborious works that made them to turn the new position of armed men in the great need of the king who was under force to build a suitable force against the rivals. Consequently the state was to impost the heavy burden in the form of taxes on the free men and temple communities. These acts directly had its own influences against each other upon the four subjects which were largely formed apart of the state affairs at that time. The contradictions among all these elements and each others needs and influences, and the demands of the time in which all were living, were the contributing factors in the society to move further from every development and advancements.

In the next article, the issue would be about the sayings of the great philosophers about the role of state and the method of analytical study of the remote past and their visions including the realities in the light of changing in all the factors including productive and non-productive forces with its tags on the name of service and on the name of religions with equal identifications of their importance would be discussed in detailed manner. Moreover the diversified fields as burden on the society as non-productive forces would be discussed in the conclusions. In essence from the period of slave system to present capitalist system covering through the feudal system with its causing effects and needs would be discussed so as to see the real reasons and the pulse of the history besides the concepts of the rich and poor. But both are never believed to be the rigid forces and the factors in the change of needs and fulfilling the gaps by the real power of those who occupy the centre position in all states.

Ayub Mohammed


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