Iranian Threats

Iranian Government supporters have attacked the Italian Embassy in Teheran, as a reaction to Premier Silvio Berlusconi requests for increasing sanctions over nuclear enrichment.
Although we might expect that a Government would be in position to argue and contest the Italian Premier declaration, the reaction is an emblematic example of the value Iran gives to the international relations; practically they count nothing.
Since assault Italian Government has decided, despite possible additional threats, to keep the Embassy open and to continue in providing daily service without falling into fear of being a possible target of revenge of the Iranian Militias.
In my opinion, this is not enough and the above decision should be followed by an order to a couple of Aircraft Carriers to reach the Gulf and, in coordination with NATO, exercising essential military and political pressures.
However this may be an opportunity for EU members of being finally aligned with both United States and Israel in establishing a common rule with Iranian Government. Dialogue in this particular case is something completely useless, as may flock to additional weak compromises. 
In addition it is unproductive finding a sort of coexistence, which does not provide visible benefits.
It’s absolutely ridiculous to imagine some encouraging sign of cooperation by a regime, which uses tortures and violates basic civil rights of its own citizens.
That is way I believe it, in any case, as a time wasted.
Cultural diversity does not foster any increasing of reciprocate understanding when actor is Islam. However many Iranians clearly wanted no association with despicable acts of violence of the Basij Militia or Government.
We are trying to negotiate with a homogeneous religion, while we are too much based on heterogeneous philosophies.
Modernization from a certain perspective has weakened Western confidence and enforced, by consequence, Islamic principle and its opinion of being different because the strong faith. I personally have always some doubt on such definition of Islam as are religion of peace.
However tensions are not destined to decrease; an intensification, which may be violent in the political language as well as military option, is expected.
There are significant solutions proposed to make pressure to the Iranian Government.
The American approach is, at the moment, mostly concentrated on sanctions, even if these lead up to a possible and forecasted army clash.
Israel is more proactively focused on military action to plan bombing the Iranian nuclear storages.
Ayatollah Khamenei said: “The Iranian nation will display, with his unity, how to punch in the face to the arrogant world, from America to the Zionists”.
A nation, between the most interesting of the Islamic world, is today loosing its honorability due internal inconsistencies. Iranian Government, with such position in the foreign policy, is leading its own people to a complete ruin.
The indiscriminate violence against innocents is the clear sign of Regime collapse and possible civil war.

© Eraldo Da Pistoia

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