Muslims Are No Honest With Themselves

An interesting research published in this site: how quickly the Islam world is trying to force their own side to follow insane principles.

The video shows Hamas militia against Palestinian people found guilty of having singing during a wedding.

No one in the street had courage of protesting against this brutality.  Muslims are free to kill each other in Allah names.

I wonder why Muslims are so courageous in insulting America, Europe or Israel and thus so coward with themselves. I remember those Palestinians shouting of joy when the twin towers collapse with more than 3000 dead.

Playing with terror, causing more terrorism. Jump for joy over the death of innocent people, does not call the good to reign, but the evil and evil is Hamas.

If they do not fight for their own dignity, they claim for a wicked destiny and that’s no longer an Israeli question, but is something, which lies in their own honor.

If Palestinian people permit Hamas to keep menacing and murdering their own side, this is also the sign of lack of divinity.

Hamas militants kill both Palestinian and Israeli child and this is publicized as a success. This combination of fundamentalism and nationalism has traced a terrible profile of this member movement.

I never had any indulgence for terrorists and their use of dread as a political pressure. For instance the Red Brigades were expression of an Italian political history that has been determined by the outcome of the 68’ movement.

Personally I always thought, differing to politically correct view, Red Brigades were fruit of a compromise drawing between Communists and Catholics.

The results everyone can notice today through the confusion, appeasement and instability of the policymaker decisions.

In the same way I do not empathize with the indignation of many Palestinian supporters of Fatah of Hamas behavior. Hamas is a fundamentalist and nationalist movement founded in the wake of the Muslim Brotherhood, which currently control the West Bank. The Fatah movement is instead founded by Yasser Arafat, which fails to bring good results in bringing successful negotiations with Israel, especially when it happened that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was feasible to extend territorial concessions.

Fatah supporters should not forget concern they have spread across the world and, like a nemesis Hamas, fears them with increasing panic.

That is way I do not consider Islam a religion of harmony.

Muslims hate too much each other and if there’s no love among then, how they can claim being a religion of peace? It is not, for sure.

Israel can cease to exist but nothing will solve the troubles that face Muslims. It will still be Muslims largely killing Muslims and their leaders distract population by menacing Westerns and justify terrorism. That’s really true.

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