Obama, Birth Eligibility, and Media Integrity

If there was some bit of ascertainable fact contained in an undisclosed official document that would unequivocally disqualify me from holding some public office, state or federal to which I had been elected, I could justly do one of two things. I could, either, publicly own up to the disqualifying fact and step down from the office (the just and legal thing to do), or lie and endeavor through subterfuge to hide the fact from the public through continuous expensive judicial litigation against those accusing me of illegally interloping into authority and power which I had not been initially qualified to accept and hold. This serious salient issue still hangs perilously over the head of Barack H. Obama, as he attempts to preside as President over a constitutional republic, of which many millions of voters are reasonably dubious of the basic constitutional legality of his candidacy and election. And the entire matter has only to do with the simple public disclosure of a fundamental document that any natural born American citizen is, normally, proud to present to anyone doubting his, or her, birth within the United States of America, that is, an original long form birth certificate, signed by the delivering physician, or midwife, and showing the time of birth and place of birth (hospital or elsewhere) of that individual.


Since before his election, in 2008, Mr. Obama has fought litigation efforts of plaintiffs in several U.S. District Courts, to the tune of nearly 2 million dollars, to judicially mandate the disclosure of his original long form Hawaiian birth certificate. In this exclusively private endeavor to keep from publicly disclosing his long form birth certificate, and, apparently, all of his educational records, Obama has illicitly used federal tax money in the form of legal services provided by the US. Department of Justice, in addition to Democratic Party campaign contributions used to retain the very expensive services of the DC office of Perkins Coie Law Firm, in order to oppose the just attempts of plaintiffs, like Alan Keyes, to force him to prove that he is a natural born citizen of the United States, and not an American citizen born in Africa. And after a little of the dense smoke has dissipated from the legal battleground, a very simple question remains. Why doesn’t Obama enlist the trust of the millions of the electorate who distrust, and regard, him as an interloper, by simply disclosing his long form birth certificate for public scrutiny?


Perhaps, the loose use of the term “misrepresentation,” in regard to the allegations and statements made by the media supporting Obama in this constitutional controversy, has not been so subtly changed to that of “lying” by those opposing Obama’s credibility on network television and Internet news broadcasts. What does it actually take for a media misrepresentation to equate a lie? Well, according to the great late American humorist and satirist, Will Rogers, if it quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, don’t you dare call it a dog.” If professional television journalists know substantially that the correct facts do not support the content of their statements on network broadcasts, then what might be innocent misrepresentation through honest ignorance becomes deliberate, fraudulent misrepresentation, or an intentional lie.


In the most recent edition of the Internet’s “World Net Daily,” the Western Center for Journalism’s July 21, 2009 publication, of a report of an investigation commissioned privately by an unnamed retired CIA officer in December 2008, was republished for public benefit. In this report, as I read it, the most disturbing two facts which emerged from its words were, (1), that the many American voters who regularly watch CNN were probably duped by the assertion (lie?) of television journalist Katy Pilgrim, when she stated, on July 17, 2009, that “the Obama campaign had produced “the original birth certificate” on the internet and that FactCheck.org had examined the original birth certificate.” The (2nd) disturbing fact was the February 23, 2009 assertion (lie?) of Jonathan Alter, MSNBC Political Analyst, in response to the question by MSNBC’s “Countdown” host, Keith Olberman, of “But as long as you feed that community that is looking for some excuse to question the legitimacy of a presidency, have you not-to some degree-done your job? I mean, has Alan Keyes not-to some degree-done his job in this?” Alter’s response was, “Well, you know, I don’t really think so, because I think it’s just sort of makes him and the other Clinton critic-the other Obama critics look ridiculous. And so, that doesn’t really, you know, help their cause in the debate. They are a party that is out of ideas, so they have to resort to these lies, you know, about the fact that he is not a citizen. You know, this came up during the campaign, Keith, and the Obama campaign actually posted his birth certificate from a Hawaii hospital online.”


Were the millions of American citizens who religiously watch CNN as their valid, truthful news source falsely told, on February 23 and July 17, 2009, that Obama’s original long form birth certificate was published on the Internet by an unnamed Hawaiian hospital? If so, it was much more than negligent misrepresentation, because those individuals making the statements, news professionals, knew beyond a reasonable doubt that what they were not stating the truth. The only type of Obama birth certification that has, to date, been published on the Internet, by the President’s own wishes, has been that silly green thing called a certificate of live birth, which would not be suitable, as a birth certificate, to obtain an official identification card from the Commonwealth of Virginia.


So, the prevailing situation is very much like the ludicrously absurd 9/11 mass murder investigation that was called “The 9/11 Commission,” by which authority the federally supportive powers-that-be (the media) urged, if not demanded, that a very large segment, over 80%, of the American public surrender its suspicions that the federal government surreptitiously orchestrated the mass killing that occurred on that awful day in 2001.   The mainstream electronic media, presently allied with the U.S. Executive Branch, the standing Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Senate Majority Leader are currently urging, if not demanding, that every American voter quietly accept, without authoritative proof, that Barack H. Obama is a natural born citizen of the United States.  In the name of all that’s sacrosanct, I cannot, and will not, do such a thing, and I hope that the bulk of the American electorate will follow suit.  Perhaps the mid-term congressional elections will serve to remove from Congress the incumbent legislators who don’t support constitutional government.  Without a legislative majority, the Obama administration and its unconstitutional policies will certainly fade into obscurity with no chance of regaining a governmental momentum and the confidence of the American people.

About the Author:
Norton R. Nowlin holds M.A. and B.A. degrees from the University of Texas at Tyler plus one year of law school at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, in San Diego, California.  He also holds an ABA-approved paralegal certification from Edmonds Community College, in Lynnwood, Washington, is a 1985 graduate of the 72nd San Diego County Sheriff’s Academy, at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California, and worked professionally as a California peace officer. In addition to the foregoing, Mr. Nowlin’s educational prowess extends 70 semester hours beyond a master’s degree in sociology, history, and law. Mr. Nowlin is presently a paralegal, free-lance writer, and political commentator/journalist. He is a published op-ed essayist for the “Seattle Times,” while also a freelance fiction writer and published poet. He is married, the father of three grown children, and resides with his wife, the renown math and science tutor, Diane C. Nowlin, and their two very intelligent cats, in Northern Virginia.`
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