Politics, Survival List, Right-wing

Politics, Survival List, Right-wing

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Politics is a process where person or a group of persons are gathered or perhaps elected to form a group of leaders to make decisions and lead the country and sovereignty. With Politics, ordinary people can participate well and enjoy the right to suffrage and choose the leaders that their nation deserves to have or that they think will serve the country well with good and proper collective decisions. Politics also involves people with good moral and mental background. It involves people with the capacity to think and make decisions morally and legally. It also involves leaders with heart to assure that decision-making is made through conscience. However, before entering politics, there are many things to be considered and one of them is survival. So how are you going to survive Politics as an ordinary citizen and as a politician?

There is what we call the Survival List. This is a broad word so it does not only pertain to adventures. This list also pertains to Politics. Here are some things that you might find helpful in a Survival List in Politics:

You have to have loyal supporters. This may seem as simple as gathering or making friends. However, it is not just like that. Making friends is different from keeping them. To be able to obtain loyal supporters, you have to know who they are and what they are there for when they are with you so that during election or other occasions, they are there standing by you and helping you.


Trust only those who can be trusted. You should not give trust to someone like giving him your number. This is a very crucial part. You still have to know that person and his background for a longer period of time to make sure that your trust will not go to waste.


You should also be able to identify your Right Wing. This means that you should be able to determine the agenda and historical connection of certain political groups. This will help you identify and know what you are in for. A Right-wing sometimes refers to monarchists, conservatives, aristocrats and many more. By identifying one, you will be able to know what to do and which action you should be involved in especially in carrying the country or a certain nation. This also applies even to participating in politics.


You should always have a back-up plan whether you are an ordinary person participating in this area of change in nation or perhaps you are a politician. Either way, you should always know what to do next or what should be done if ever the first plan will not work.

These things are just few reminders and keys to being successful in both choosing a leader and in engaging in Politics. Thus, with all these you will definitely be able to familiarize yourself with many in and outs with this area of concern in your country and your people.

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Politics, Survival List, Right-wing
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