Taking Andalucia Out Of The Crisis

Taking Andalucia out of the crisis-YES WE CAN!

The austerity measures announced both by the central and regional governments are of course a step in the right direction, but without action to stimulate the economy are not in themselves sufficient and signify a dangerous downward spiral into poverty for the Spanish people and economy.

No what is desperately needed and right NOW is bold dynamic and forward looking actions. What is needed more than a reduction of salary on the part of the leaders of Junta De Andalucia is leadership, bold, brave and dynamic leadership. Is this possible?

Whilst it was very encouraging to read (Diario Sur 21.05.10) that the PP president for Andalucia  Sn Javier Arenas is proposing modifications of the disastrous LOUA and POTA laws he is not in power and the people of Andalucia cannot wait 2 years. Economic stimulation and job creation is needed right now. Come on Junta do it!

The common denominator between the current LOUA & POTA building laws and the almost lack of building laws prior to 2003 is that neither require much overseeing.  Practically speaking almost anything is ok as against almost nothing is ok is in terms of policing very similar. Modify carefully this law and the economies and opportunities for real employment for many, many inland villages could be very rapidly turned around.

What is now needed is a very carefully prepared modification of these laws for social, economic and international reasons.

I am sure that few if any people wish to see a return to the pre LOUA days of wild construction in the countryside, but equally the current situation is as bad.

1. Segregate Andalucía into different zones. There is a zone behind the coast that in general is agriculturally unproductive. Let us say from the seashore until 50-60 klms inland.

2. Within this zone reconsider the block on building and consider a minimum area of farmland that can justify a dwelling, maybe 40, or 50,000 metres.

3. Set strict guidelines as to the style/design of farmhouse that will be allowed, basically following the Andalucian style of Architecture.

4. Set a minimum distance that any new farmhouse must be from its neighbour, say between 500 and 1000 metres  (yes this would advantage the early birds).

5. Make obligatory with each license the planting of say 500-1000 trees (to be specified by the Junta)

6. Issue a 100% guarantee with each license from the Junta that if all conditions are met the license is beyond doubt and incontestable.

Basically all of this will require the creation of a sizable, skilled and well trained workforce that would effectively oversee all projects.


There remains a strong demand for a place in the Andalucía countryside amongst many people across the world, but much credibility and confidence has been lost with the endless court cases of both individual house owners and mayors across Andalucía.

There is no doubt that the above actions would rapidly stimulate the economies of many inland communities, creating employment, an inflow of funds and perhaps most importantly renewed hope and belief for the future.

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