The Progressives Bump Into Science Again

Not long after we saw the downfall of the pseudoscience of global warming, we are beginning to see cracks in the battle against abstinence only education. The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine recently published a detailed study showing that the methodology so despised by the the progressive elites and academic aristocracy to actually have the effectiveness they long denied. There is no joy in Mudville… or at UC Berkley.The specifics of the study are not as important as the fact that academic rejection of the results was as predictable as Barack Hussein Obama’s use of duel teleprompters. Instead of hailing the study as something promising in the battle against teen pregnancy and STDs, the reaction showed the kneejerk reaction of the entrenched secularists as they sought to discredit both the study and its conclusions. We have seen this behavior before… many times.

Instead of using science as the path the truth, it is being used like a drunk clinging to a lamp post… more for support than illumination. This is the very same intellectual dishonesty they continually accuse those who are foolish enough to actually believe the principles of the Bible. We should be used to this by now… science eventually confirming the words of the same creator that endowed us with unalienable rights.

In this case, the behaviors encouraged by the Bible have actually resulted in children that were spared the angst and health debilities of growing up too early in brave new progressive world. We need to take this lesson to heart and let it guide out actions as we move forward.

We are dealing with a movement much like Nazi Germany and the former Soviet Union. Both sought to replace belief and trust in God with trust and allegiance to the state. While the Soviets pushed the atheistic philosophy more aggressively, they both saw the state a supreme. We are facing an American government that is increasingly hostile to religion… at least Christianity… and building an infrastructure to encompass every area of our life and meet all our needs.

This most recent revelation needs to take us one (or more) steps closer to understanding that academics, like government function better as our servants instead of our masters. We need education and we need government, yet as we view the constitution and read our founder fathers, we see that both were instituted to preserve rather than restrict our freedoms… to enhance and complement rather than destroy our way of life and values.

We have an administration infested with more academicians and moderated by fewer real people with real world experience and wisdom than any before it in the history of our country. Those of us lacking Ivy League credentials are looked down upon by those with them and our standards are devalued by those who feel they are better than us poor, bitter dummies who cling to our guns and our god. It is time to stop this catering to vocal, pompous minority that feels they have the right to set the national course for all of us… no matter what we say. After all, we are just a slobbering mass of inferiority.

We have the numbers and we have the passion to stop this. Do we have the courage to see it through? Are we going to do the heavy lifting and make the sacrifices to reclaim our freedom and our country? The answer had jolly well better be a resounding “YES!’

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Larry Miller After far too many years of working in IT and involvement in political activity, Larry Miller now designs business and political websites at and recently began the web site and blog as a resource for Christians in the public arena.
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