The Source Of Hate

In the existing dramatic Iranian scenario, where President Ahmadinejad is insisting in invoking Israeli destruction, I do believe that no alternatives but a preemptive attack on Iranian nuclear storages may be a significant and valid option in any case.

Iranian uranium enrichment program is continuing on the Arak reactor located near the Qara-Chai River in the Khondaub region 150 miles about south of Tehran.

A number of satellite imageries of this site confirmed a plant appeared to be designed to produce heavy water and initiate building a nuclear bomb.

Israeli Government claims that Iran should be prohibited to obtain any nuclear competences that may produce threat and should consider that above option is closer than ever.

The aim of the Iranian notables and especially of the Hitler best fellow, Ahmadinejad, is to keep and drive leadership of the Muslim world against common enemies: USA, UE, Israel.

An eventual strike by Israel on Iranian nuclear reactor may raise regional instability and as well as terrorism.

In my perspective, Iran should be surrounded by a cross action of NATO, Israel and Russia.

The Russia involvement may be preferred due to the Tehran supporting South Caucasus terror campaign as a foundation of regional insecurity.

Iran, in fact, is also supporting and financing the Talysh separatist movement, a Persian ethnicity in Azerbaijan.

A collapse of Azerbaijan, where 14 % of population has a Turkish heritage and about 50 % is Russian, may create a dramatic and inevitable clash with Putin/Medvedev Government as well an increasing damages in the bilateral relations with Georgia, which is seeking support from Iran.

In this complicated scenario a decision should be take instead waiting Iran to lead Muslim world to a clash with Western world, which may cause and incredible and terrific situation.

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