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The growing Chinese economic power is a reality one can not deny. China is said to be the world giant economy and a Super power in following years. According to The Economist report, in year 2010 China will appear with a strong voice in International community.

As a Super power United States has a natural rivalry for China and both the States have different of opinions over various international issues, such as the Tibet and its leader Delai Lama, Taiwan, climate change and Iran etc.

United States has supported Delai Lama for time and again. The Western media has presented the case of Lama as an exaggeration. The world is facing so many problems, but the influenced media is propagating for the selected issues like that. Recently President Obama has planned for a meeting with Delai Lama which would certainly annoy China that’s why China has warned that the relations between the two states would be damaged if President Obama met him.

TheInternational Climate Conference at Copenhagen recently ended with the difference of opinions among the US, Russia and China. It was yet another difference of opinion on the part of both States and as a result the world will certainly suffer. .

Following a well known term, “the enemy of an enemy is a friend,” China and Russia are coming close. They are working together in various fields unlike the past experiences. Russia and China have conducted several joint military exercises. Both the States have a great concern over the presence of US forces in the area. They have a single voice over different international issues, such as the nuclear issue of Iran. United States want to use force against Iran for the so-called nuclear issue while Russia and China want a peaceful solution to the matter. Iran is considered to be a big threat to the American and Israeli interests in the area which is in the favor of both China and Russia. The US and other Western powers are of the opinion that Iran’s nuclear program is a threat to world security while China along with Russia accept Iran’s right over nuclear technology as other States have.

China has claimed for an absolute sovereignty over Taiwan and even threatened for the use of force if required. The United States has always supported Taiwan and has entered into different agreements of arms dealing with it. Under the US-China communiqué of 1982, US has to reduce arms supply to Taiwan but United States has violated it on different occasions. Taiwan has requested to the US for the provision of 66 F-16 fighters and six other Submarines some time ago but United States has denied for that. It shows the effectiveness of Chinese influence in the present time as well as in the future because United States has faced a huge amount (in fact of billions dollars) of trade deficits during the last few years.

Although China has shown restrain over various issues with the United States during the recent past and avoided any serious tension but it might be not possible for a very long time. The cold war history is there and its catastrophes are not completely removed from human minds. The world could witness another Cold or even a Hot war if both the great powers continue not to respect each other or deny working together.

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