Why Iran Will Collapse Into Its Contradictions

A country that used children to open mined roads for regular armed forces, it is not worthy for any dialogue or negotiation. It is a country that has lost its own honor several years ago and for a willingness extermination of a heartless man who called himself Ayatollah, he just suffered calamities and wars.
Children, with the picture of Ayatollah Khomeini hanging on the neck, at the front of the long Iraq-Iran war, to sacrifice themselves, and thus earning a place in heaven, is something unbelievable.
Should ponder those decent Iranians in what quagmire of fanatics they stuck.
These pseudo-religious order the death of those who dare to criticize them; they are nothing but mandators for murdering.
There is nothing sacred in their speeches, futile appeals to the peace, while, with the anger, imposed the principle Israel destruction. 
They are interested in Palestinians case, but only as an anti-Jewish option and threaten the world believing that compromise will always be matter of negotiation, without thinking that sooner or later the military option will strike them out. Moreover there is an absolute inconsistency and unconsciousness of notables at power.
Today the Iran should admit how important was the Shah and how well could have done for the country. I am sorry for our Iranian friends, because they will suffer much to see their own country in the hands of such illegality.
Iranian political and social drama together with general attitude toward the power, which looks very similar to the soviet one, has brought one of the most beautiful and interesting Countries under the shadow of despotism.
Normalization of foreign relations is just a myth, which crashes with their Islamic rhetorical call for reinforcing their leadership among the Muslins word; a leadership, which will bring Iranian Government to a complete destruction as history is against it in any way.

© Eraldo da Pistoia

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