Magical Time For Elections and Enlightened Politicians

To the Editor:

To be a politician now with a unique perspective combined with a charismatic personality shall spell success beyond any wildest stretch of the imagination. This recession is threatening to double dip in every country that has been destroyed by its consequences and will take invigorating innovative responses to reverse its swirl.

Unlike tornados and other natural challenges that we have no control over our hands are not as confined in dealing with economic woes. The obsession with diversity needs to be restricted and like the depression of the early 1900’s the media need to be asked to curtail their advertising of negativity while focusing more space to successful ventures. If you keep pouring vitriol on any substance that substance no matter how strong shall be depleted of all energy and perhaps refuse to resuscitate. Perhaps that toxic aluminum sludge spill in Hungry is proverbial as well as factual and a lesson could be gleaned from the event.

We are all in this world together and as such we shall take control and punish appropriately those responsible irrespective of position and by and large the general populace are resourceful thus shall resume control. Apathy serves no one and likewise complacency is a self destructive activity and thus need to be shed allowing positive growth to resume.

Curiously enough unlike the financial states of the world that may have dipped as much as fifty percent however the population did not dip by an equal amount. In fact the population is growing and with it possibilities await those who shall shirk recessive attitudes arriving at positive solutions enhancing a turn around. We may have to accept less wages but which is better: empty pockets, abandoned homes or sustenance that benefits everyone?

How funny too that so much is invested in bad news with companies like CNN, BBC, SKY News, France 24 and Euro News to mention a few giving humungous salaries to the reporters that come up with the best of the worst stories imaginable. TV dramas like detective shows are widely accepted and feel good shows are disdained as if they were in fact detrimental to survival. In fact if there are no bad guys or more in a movie it shall have limited success or perhaps even face absolute failure. What does this tell us of our society?

One last question: is it an oxymoron to have enlightened politician in the one sentence? Perhaps it is even more incongruous to believe that such a possibility could exist beyond the remotest possibility of a few but definitely not existing in any great numbers. Of course if you believe that a politician who can wave at Russia from her back yard is enlightened then we are all doomed! Although I do love soccer and love being able to see the mountains of south Tipperary from my window so perhaps there is hope. Alleluia! Besides I can wave at the leprechauns and the faeries now that the Celtic New Year is fast approaching hmmm it is the same time as Halloween…oooh! Magical!

Tomas Coimin

About the Author:
Coimin is a master of motivational techniques with a strong desire to help others seek greater peace through positive self-esteem. Based in Co. Tipperary Ireland. Through the years it has been very rewarding to receive acknowledgments from readers indicating the benefits of my writings and thus I pray to continue to deliver quality pieces to continue the trends of previous successes. I write and publish poetry and short stories too but my chief aim is to work towards strengthening self-esteem while eliminating the ravages caused by abuses whether financial, physical, sexual or mental.Tomas may be reached at
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