Have the People Disappointed the President?

Have the People Disappointed the President?

To the Editor:

Barack Obama came into the spotlight like a tornado but instead of promising destruction he wafted through with hope and change and he did it with kindness, honesty and forthrightness plus he humbly asked for help with his mission. Therein lays the dilemma that the people did not follow his example choosing instead to simulate lost sheep wandering oblivious to their stake and participation in the task at hand.

Unfortunately this is being echoed throughout all countries suffering the indignity of recession and depression because the leaders on the ground are also lost in the quagmire of hapless practices. There are solutions and these have been suggested to us since the dawning of time but blindness overshadows clarity and we have the repetitive scenario of the blind leading the blind.

When we choose leaders like Obama to represent our interests in the highest offices it is our duty to assist them in everyway but without a follow up plan we are clueless as to how we may be effective. We may blame the political machine, individual political parties, religious and business leaders or we can blame green men in outer space.

Whichever route we choose there has to be a fundamental plan of action with direction for the smallest group to follow as well as the biggest groups representing their respective interests. Individual lobbying has no place in a society that desires advancement because if we all do not advance then our civilisation lays dormant in primitive schedules and practices.

When Moses was leading his flock from Egypt it was suggested to him to set up mastermind groups as a way of managing the daily tasks thus delegating the onerous and tedious tasks in the hands of those on the ground and Moses could then facilitate his time to the more demanding objectives of his journey. It worked largely but like all things human involving separate interests brings mostly trivial travails but it is essential to not allow them to enlarge thus creating even larger problems.

Every country or entity has one leader and it falls into that leader’s workload to diversify each portfolio into the hands of the most competent managers. Each country or state has counties and within these are townslands and cities with their own marginal electorate of counselors and managers. It is with these that the task of organizing the members of each society lays but few if any actually think of setting up a mastermind concept and as a consequence the people are adrift apart from the real happenings of society. This follows the ladder to the President, King or Queen and Prime Minister or whatever the title may be to bear the full responsibility of inept behaviours that need not be present. Basically if local government did its job effectively the successes of the state or country would be real and tangible developing a more positive outlook.

There are too many self interests in government where the little picture takes the place of the larger picture and as long as this practice continues the leaders at the top will be blamed for the ineffectiveness of the leaders down the chain. Everyone wants a definitive leadership to produce amazing results but those results cannot be attained unless everyone in the chain is strong and forthright. If we cannot do this collectively then self interests groups will continue to manipulate and the general populace shall be the fall guy.

We can change governments and leaders all day long but if we do not embrace the change in our own life and our circle of influence then leaders like Obama shall continue to be disappointed while continuing to do something the rest will not do. They bear the full responsibility that is not theirs alone to carry; it is the responsibility of all of us and we need to walk side by side with our leaders not throwing misdirected criticism!

Tomas Coimin

About the Author:
Coimin is a master of motivational techniques with a strong desire to help others seek greater peace through positive self-esteem. Based in Co. Tipperary Ireland. Through the years it has been very rewarding to receive acknowledgments from readers indicating the benefits of my writings and thus I pray to continue to deliver quality pieces to continue the trends of previous successes. I write and publish poetry and short stories too but my chief aim is to work towards strengthening self-esteem while eliminating the ravages caused by abuses whether financial, physical, sexual or mental.Tomas may be reached at selfesteemawareness@gmail.com
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