Obama Missed Opportunity With Black America

Obama Missed Opportunity With Black America

To the Editor:
He could have done so much for his fellow Black Americans. He could have done so much for anyone coming from a low-income background. But President Obama has missed his opportunity to be a difference maker in this great country of ours.

Instead of lifting citizens out of the morass they find themselves in, he has dumped more of the same manure on top of too many people

. It’s the same stuff our people have been getting from the government for 50 years.

Cal Thomas, syndicated writer for Tribune Media Services, noted the other day that Obama’s 2012 State of the Union speech was the same old class envy argument that he used in his first, second, and third State of the Union speeches. Where does “hating the rich” get anyone? Collecting more money from the top income producers will not remove the nation’s debt. It will barely touch it. If politicians collected more money from the rich they would simply continue to spend it frivolously… like they always have.

Collecting more money is not the solution for the poor of this country. Our government is keeping its thumb on the poor. That is the real problem. That is where our president could have changed lives and families. Obama’s plan is wealth redistribution through the “give away” system. This continues to be an insult to low-income individuals. What is he really saying? He is saying many Americans cannot help themselves, so our government must step in and do it for them… from cradle to grave.

The real problems are not difficult to figure out. Many Black (and white) households have no fathers. Over 70% of the children born in these families do not have fathers active in their lives. The education level is pathetic. So many of the men in the Black society are in prison. Obama does not address these real very real concerns. He has done nothing to emphasize the need to take on the roles of being mothers and fathers that become self-sufficient through their own efforts. There is no word on emphasizing graduating from high school or going on to college. There is nothing about taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Instead, he hammers his daily message of getting more money from the rich as if that will take care of everything. Your people are listening, Mr. President. But you’re sending the wrong information. People need to believe that they can make better lives for themselves with their own efforts.

Phil McMillan is a writer who maintains a daily Baby Boomer blog entitled “Baby Boomers Laugh and Learn”. He provides daily humor and information for his readers along with his own comments.


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