Syria, Russia and China: Outrageously Inhuman!

Syria, Russia and China: Outrageously Inhuman!

To the Editor:

The Syrian regime has turned against its own people. Killing, ,assacres, disfiguring and toruring prisoners, raping women, slaying children, nothing more atrocious, nothing more brutal and ugly. How far would human nature plunge into bloodshed and offer humans on the altar of a mad president and his entourage?

Nowhere in the history of Syria has been such atrocious crimes since the times of Holaco the leader murderer of the Mogols. But this surpasses all cruelty and all barabaric crimes. Crimes against humanity is a gentle expression used by the useless UN and its worth for nothing SC.

Nothing more disgusting and nausea vomitting sense than to see the Syrian people being murdered, women, men and children in their homes. Too easy to aim tank guns and mortars and heavy guns over the civil and peaceful districts of Homs, Hamah, Idleb and Daraa. Nothing more easy than to kill civilians by the thouands. No crime is more horrible than to kill ones own people. No cowardly act can be justified when mahine guns target children and bring the roofs of their houses on their heads.

As if this is not enough! Russians descendants of the cruel and savage Vikings, being well trained to savagery under the repression of the Tsars and then being well aducated by the Marxist atheist ideology, generations of the KGB, are backing up the Syrian onslaughter and heinous massacre committed by the Assad regime. Of course Russian children, women and old men are not targeted by the Syrian guns. They lose nothing by seeing the Syrians being murdered in the strretes of towns and cities of Syria.

After all the Russian bear is as cold as the Siberian snow and as ugly as the Godless regime of Moscow. The Kremlin is not new to atrocious crimes against humanity. But the Russians have forgotten the Russian revolution in October 1917 and how much bloodshed was spelt in the streets.

Their interest is not to save lives and human beings but count how much money they get for selling their arms to the Syrian regime to slaughter its people. Russia is now dominated by a dictator, another Tsar and few trillionaires feeding on the blood of the Russian people who live in appaling state of deprivation and poverty while life and survival are getting harder and harder and the Russian mafia rule the economy.

China, has backed up the slaughter and massacre of the Syrian civilians for calling for freedom and human dignity, but they have no hearts to feel, being descendants of the ruthless emperors of the tang and Ming dynasties of hundreds of emperors. They are very well trained by the Atheist Moa Tsi Tong after his godfather Karl Marx in rutheless and brutal massacre of their own people. Forty millions of respectable and honest intellectuals were masscared by the red army at the command of Mao, being accused of calling for freedom and dignity.

The Chinese regime cushed brutally and by tanks the peaceful uprising of students in the streets of Beijing. Hundreds of lives were sacrificed for the communist cause and there is nothing communist about it. It represents an authoratarian dictatorship for the ruling elite in China while the rest of the people suffer, poverty and deprivation. One billion and half of robot chinese live under the totalitarian oppression of the Chinese rulers, descendants of Mao and the ruthless emperors.

Thus, Russia and China as regimes of diciatorships have a lot in common with the Alaite regime in Syria. They are all atheist regimes, in form and essence, and this is why they have no conscience and no heart, human or otherwise. They all repress their people, They all justify their crimes against humans by proclaiming order and just cause.

Whenever God is exchanged by man and whenever religious moral codes are exchanged by ideological cheap morality serving egoist persons of the rulers, people  suffer the most.



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