Hot button issue

Dear Editor,

In “School prayer bill likely to become a law” article, written on Thursday, we are seeing that many “hot button” issues are being discussed this week. Many are eager to find out if school prayer or “inspiration messages” are going to be welcomed in Florida schools. It is important to recognize that these inspirational messages are not so much about religion and conforming to religion, but about spirituality and free speech. As human beings and American citizens, we all have the right to speak our minds and our truth, and if this involves religious or spiritual messages, we should still have the right to speak them. We all need some inspiration on a daily basis, whether we receive this from a specific religion or prayer, or from a spiritual outlet. It is so important that this is welcomed in schools and allowed to be expressed, as many children may not be getting the guidance or inspiration from home. Without this expression, children and adolescents are becoming lost, feeling shame or guilt about religion, and not hearing the necessary inspirational messages that they may need to hear. We grow and learn from each other, and everyone’s personal stance and beliefs should be openly expressed, if that is their choice. We are a free country and we are in need of some comfort during a difficult time for the USA. I can’t think of a better solution than opening the door to some freely discussed inspiration and prayer. I thank you for your time.

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