Un-Healthy, To Delicious Healthy Foods

Hello my name is Hannah and I wanted to talk about school lunches. Well at school the food is always hie in fat and full of sugar. I have been dreading eating it and every day wish that it magically turn healthy.The fact is I’m always eating healthy. I would love for the education foundation to change the school routine to having pad tie, or possibly HOME MADE pizza not the kind that you’d buy at Figaro’ s or domino’s. I wish there pizza would be straight From New York pizza. I think that if this letter went out to the community it would help people and the environment.I hope that someday they will change the food at school and have healthy meals every day.So cafeterias, lunch lady’s and  education foundation I am begging you to change the food. PLEASE!!

Yours Truly,

Hannah caprice Bailey

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