2012 Summer Olympics – A Roulette Wheel

2012 Summer Olympics – A Roulette Wheel

To the Editor:
How fitting that the Olympic Stadium looked like a giant roulette wheel from above during the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. It looked as if as if it were spinning on a huge casino tabletop as the towering flames shot up through the night sky in a dazzling, clockwise progression of fireworks around its perimeter.
What a metaphor for the state of mankind in our day and age, where the gifted gather to play and celebrate in excess while half the world suffers in starvation and hunger. What would an alien attracted by the dazzling display think of us as they circled the globe at that very instant, as the giant wheel was spinning to life and all were singing ‘Hey Jude’ in unison? Seems very nice. This looks like a wonderful celebration of cooperativeness and and harmony. It is so beautiful. But, the extraterrestrial visitors hen take a quick spin around the rest of the globe.

Hmmm..it gets darker as their ship moves away from the ceremony. It is daylight again as they hit the other side of the planet. What do they see? People starving to death by the thousands? Many more than in that huge stadium. More fireworks? Wait, no, not fireworks but bombs! Humans killing other humans? What’s this, pollution filling the air?

But, how can those other humans be celebrating such affluence when most of their fellow human beings here on this planet are suffering such carnage and destitution? Hmmm…very strange. Reminds me of Nero. Let’s go home.

Richard S.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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