Health Care Coverage a Sigh of Relief

Health Care Coverage a Sigh of Relief

To the Editor:
Today I have health care, after having gone 8 years without. It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford it, it was a preexisting condition (cancer, full recovery for 20 years) that disqualified me. The ACA of the current administration, made it impossible for me to be denied coverage. Only 62,000 of us nationwide took advantage of this provision.

I work hard, and am thrifty with my money, and have amassed enough assets to feel pretty good. All of that was in jeopardy when I was uninsured. I breathed a sigh of relief when I finally got coverage.

So what happens to me if the ACA is struck down? I get liberty? I suppose that is better than healthcare. After all, if I get a major illness or accident, my attendant physicians and other medical personnel will say: “he has freedom. Forget billing him.” Or maybe they won’t, and I can lose all I have worked a lifetime to acquire.

Today I have peace of mind; who knows what awaits me tomorrow.

Sean Donovan

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