Chris Christie Speech – “Bombs” and “Pure Hypocrisy”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey made the keynote address of the 2012 Republican National convention.

TAMPA, Fla. — The Washington Post is saying that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s speech was a “bomb” and that he really is only effective when confronting an enemy or reporters during a press conference. Letters To The Editor reader Joel Simpson called it “pure hypocrisy” and simple a regurgitation of typical Republican campaign lines. In a night planned to humanize the often-stiff-on camera-Romney with speeches from former primary opponents and his wife Ann, it is Christie’s keynote that the party hoped would build momentum into the candidate’s main address Wednesday night.

The New York Daily News felt Chris Christie’s speech was self-serving and points out that he talked about himself for more than half of the speech.

Meanwhile, New Jersey Democrats ahead of the speech were calling Christie a “bully” who lives “in a fairytale” who should be given no credit for any turnaround talk in his home state.

Tell the nation what you felt about the speech with a letter to the editor, below.

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