Electing Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts

To The Editor:
I find it difficult to understand why Democrats are so surprised by Scott Brown’s lead over Elizabeth Warren at this point in the campaign, which admittedly, has a long way to go. For me, she has hit all the wrong notes since announcing her candidacy for the Senate. Despite admirable work in developing and, for a while, heading the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in Washington D.C., it seems once she decided to run for public office, her calling card was to identify herself as a blue-collar babe. The posturing has made her look ridiculous even though she prevailed in the Democratic primary. Television ads in which she claimed that she “came up the hard way” were absurd. Elizabeth Warren came up the way most Americans do which is to say they encounter life on uneven terms. Babysitting to earn money, working one’s way through college, dealing with the demise of the family breadwinner are not uncommon conditions which confront people not advantaged by Romney-style wealth.

Give Warren her due. She found seams through which to distance herself from earlier, more difficult personal circumstances, and eventually assumed the demeanor and affluence of those who occupy the upper middle class. She wears her Harvard professor pedigree like an Armani suit, which is to say, it is off-putting when she then tries to wear the campaign mantle of Rosie the Riveter. Her efforts remind me of Hilary Clinton’s feeble attempts during the 2008 presidential primary campaign, when, this former Goldwater Girl, tried to pass herself off as just one of the guys, downing shots of whiskey at Rustbelt bars in Pennsylvania.

Whatever political negatives Scott Brown may carry, at least he comes across as a good looking guy with both feet on the ground, and comfortable in his own skin – in short someone who is who he says he is. When push comes to shove, voters opt for a candidate who is genuine rather than inauthentic. And Brown is just moderate enough to avoid the Tea Party, nut-job syndrome which could undercut his presentation of self in Massachusetts. Unless Warren can run a campaign in which she fesses up as to who she really is, and projects herself as more grounded, than the Democrats will deservedly lose this race.

Sparky in Massachusstts

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