Gingrich was Right on Gas Prices

To the Editor:
I am not a fan if Newt Gingrich, however, he made a statement today that He would drop gas prices to $2.57/gallon. I did quite a bit of research and found he is correct. I spoke to a rep from BP who explained that there is a common blend that would work for every state but Alaska. If Obama would announce he is opening of all coasts, ANWAR, and other sites that we know have oil in the ground, plus the announcement that he (Obama) is allowing the keystone pipeline to be built will drop the price of gas by a minimum of $1.00/gallon. Open up the oil reserves and telling the Saudis to increase daily output of crude , say 150 barrels a day, the price of gas would drop another $.50 a gallon. just doing the above the price of gas would drop a minimum of $2.50/gallon. If you aren’t convinced of this, please read what has happened in the past when the above steps were made by any president. Also, gouging is a problem and having crude oil on the stock market would stop speculation. That alone would drop gas by so much/gallon that I can’t calculate it.


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