Ann Romney’s Speech Isn’t All Convincing

To the Editor:
Ann Romney was very convincing and appealing in her quest to win us over to her husband. Actually, she made a very good case for marriage to her husband; but not for endorsement for him to assume leadership of our country.

Ann Romney
Ann Romney asked voters to trust her husband and his leadership qualities for the country.

As for myself, I was looking to find at least one speaker at the convention to speak truth. Not one of them mentioned President Obama without an untruth, a twist of his words. a taking out of context, or non-truth by omission. Is that what they think leads to choosing our President; is that how they choose a President — spraying untruths and subtle and overt slander? Doesn’t sound very patriotic to me.

As for Mrs. Romney’s admonishing us to trust her husband politically, we can’t even trust him to trust us by showing us a string of tax returns, beyond the two from 2011 and 2012. Too bad. Her earnestness, therefore, falls on deaf ears.

Rose M.
Chapel Hill, NC

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