Apparently, Negative Campaigning Works

Apparently, Negative Campaigning Works

To the editor:
Once again we are in the election season, and once again we suffer through negative campaigning. Paul Ryan’s speech was so filled with misrepresentations and blatant lies that even Republican-leaning Fox News could not ignore such disregard for the truth.

Tired of politicians who don't speak the truth.
Tired of politicians who don’t speak the truth.

In a few days, at its convention, the Democratic Party will espouse the same level of lying and misinformation. If pushed as to why they embrace such tactics the party leaders will tell you that negative campaigning “works.” Apparently, appealing to our baser natures is the way to “win.” Both parties have been so obsessed with winning and doing what “works” to win that they have forgotten to govern and we have all suffered.
Our country was not founded on crass utilitarianism and an appeal only to what works. It was founded on ideals: “we hold these truths to be self-evident . . .”
To me it seems self-evident that if our leaders sink to the basest level of human behavior just to get elected then they drag the entire country down with them. On the other hand, if even one of them rose up to the ideal, to tell the truth about themselves, what accomplishments they are proud of, how they have failed and what they learned from it, and what they hope to accomplish as a representative of the people, without wasting time running down their opponent with half-truths and outright lies, we would all win, no matter who wins the election. That’s leadership.
It accepts loss, when the leader has remained true to ideals, as simply another opportunity to learn. Unfortunately what we have now is not leadership. It is nothing more than pandering. We can be a better nation than this.

Stephen Smith
Dublin, Ohio

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