NH Hospital Benefitting from Abortion Movie

To the Editor:
During my morning commute to work I have been hearing advertisements on WZID for a “Chick Flick” event to be held September 12, 2012. The proceeds are being donated to St Joe’s Hospital Breast Care Center for research. Indeed a wonderful cause.
However, one of the movies being shown is Dirty Dancing. An iconic feel good movie no doubt. However, the major subplot in the film is abortion. And further more how “back-alley” abortions cause a significant risk to the woman and it isn’t until the character Baby goes to her OB/GYN father who helps this woman who would have surely died that he saves the day and assures her she will be fine and go on to have as many babies as she wants when she is ready.
News Since St. Joe’s is a Catholic Hospital I found it very ironic that they would allow themselves to be affiliated with a film about abortion. So, I contacted St. Joe’s and was told that WZID selected the film for them and they had no input.

If they are so dead-set against abortion they have no business accepting funds from this event when they admittedly do not support reproductive rights of women. I replied to St. Joe’s event coordinator and wished her well with this upcoming event.

I told her that I hoped many people would attend because the proceeds do go toward a good cause but it does send a mixed message for those who support St. Joe’s.

My wish is that those who are against reproductive choice for women come away enlightened from viewing the film Dirty Dancing – understanding that abortion is a personal choice and a legal one.

Women deserve access to quality, compassionate, respectful healthcare that gives them unbiased and factual information if they find themselves with an unintended pregnancy and in the US we have the highest rate or all western industrialized nations with 3 in 10 women finding themselves pregnant before the age of 20.
Women should find care where all options are provided, caring to term. adoption options and abortion.
Roe v. Wade celebrates 40 years this January. I respect women who say abortion is not for them because it is not in alignment with their faith but I do not support whole institutions who prevent women from making legal reproductive choices. St. Joe’s should have done their homework on this before they agreed to accept the proceeds but if even one women who sees the film realizes that abortion may not be for her, it might be for someone else.

If the event educates women and they realize that in this past year over 100 bills have been presented around the country to limit their access to reproductive healthcare including birth control perhaps they will rise up and make their important voices heard!

Susan D
New Hampshire

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