Parties Should Stop Blaming the Other Guy

To the Editor:
After watching the acclaimed “actor” Clint Eastwood’s speech to an empty chair, easy to upstage a prop! And reading the equally acclaimed country singer, Hank Williams Jr.’s statements to his enthusiastic audience that “Obama is ‘a Muslim’ that ‘hates the military,” combined with equally inflammatory statements about POTUS, in his “music.

I have only one thought about these entertainers social commentary. First yes they are “entitled” (and I mean this in every connotation of the word,) to their viewpoints. But aren’t both of them also as close to being part of the one percenter’s as you can get? Just a thought.

In any case I think its time we as American people grow up! We need to stop blaming the other guy or party and address the problems we are facing with the wealthiest members of our nation. We the poor and middle class pay the bills (cost) so they the “one percenter’s” can be the bosses. Wasn’t this the reason behind the French revolution1789?

If we don’t start pointing our fingers at the real culprits, and refusing to let them sidetrack us with their hysterical dialogues, designed to obscure the actual agenda we will all soon be living in the newest third world nation. Which I guess is the point!
Leala S.

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