anti-obama movie and patriotism

Recently an anti-obama movie has come out

and teaparty people have claimed that it

is the patriotic duty that Americans watch

it.  My guess is that these are the same people

that have “don’t listen to the mainstream

media” stickers on their cars.  The problem

I have had with teapartiers I  is that

they find it their duty to listen to movies of

this type, fox news, etc, and also their duty

to cast off anything on the left, or even the

relatively nuetral mainstream media.  This, not

Obama, is the true threat to this country and has

lead to the most deadlocked and

worst congresses in a 100 years.

We must resist temptations that divide us into

“camps” with different and very biased news sources.

The Bible says: “love your neighbor as yourself” and

“love your enemies”.  To do that, we must be as jurors when

we vote, and listen to both sides equally.  Watch

this movie if you like, but then also watch something

like Micheal Moore’s  “sicko” for equal time.

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