Buffalo News Photo Choices Show Bias

To the Editor:Newspapers

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Well, perhaps the same can be said about what pictures an organization chooses to publish.

The Buffalo News’ large, front-page photos of vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan (8/30/12) and Mitt Romney (8/31/12) spoke volumes of what the paper wants to convey to your readers. Ryan is a healthy, good looking forty-two year old guy, and yet the photo they chose to print showed a toothless, older, mean looking man. Likewise, the paper chose to print a photo of Romney with a furrowed brow and harsh look. Funny, but during most of his speech he smiled and spoke softly.

Surely, of the hundreds of photos at the News’ disposal, they could have picked more flattering photos. I hope they use the same eye for the upcoming Biden/Obama photos.

Carolyn D.
Buffalo, NY

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