O’Reilly’s ‘Bad Citizen’ Quiz: Just Moronic

O’Reilly’s ‘Bad Citizen’ Quiz: Just Moronic

To The Editor:

As a noted author, journalist and pundit, it would seem that Bill O’Reilly would know the difference between fact and opinion. Elementary school teachers focus on this important skill. Perhaps he needs a refresher.

His editorial for Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012 began with a very valid premise –there are many citizens who are “derelict Americans”.

The short quiz he proposed (“You are a bad citizen if…”), began well, for the first seven items.

It then dissolves into opinion ( “…Carter was a great president, …Founding Fathers would support banning handguns,…Americans invented pizza”). Pizza?!? A third of the column was taken up with a picture of President Carter. Was that necessary, in his view, to get people to read your opinions?

He takes a stand on a very real threat to our American political system, and turns it into a farce. It’s a good thing that “…the Founding Fathers designed a Constitution that gives every single citizen the absolute right to be a moron”. It appears that he is included.

Nancy F.
Cooper City, FL

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