Good Girls by Lynn Povich Spoke the Truth

To the Editor:Newspapers
Anne Eisenberg’s New York Times review of “Good Girls” by Lynn Povich (Sept 2) carried me back to June, 1955.

I had just been graduated from CCNY where I was heralded as the first female editor of The Campus, its student newspaper. Recently married and living in the mid-West, I applied to the St. Louis Globe Democrat, a morning newspaper that is now defunct, for a reporter’s job.

After doing a rewrite on a manual typewriter in the newsroom, I was asked to come back the next day. A young male editor told me I was the best person for the job, but they really wanted a man.

I had to settle for a secretary’s job at a food trade magazine where I worked myself up to writing copy and doing layout — but also had to dust my boss’ desk every morning.

Francine Marcus Farber
Fresno, CA

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