Why Republicans Are The Party of ‘No’

To the Editor:
In the interest of national unity and a peaceful transition, I sat on my hands when the Supreme Court gave the Presidential election to the loser in 2000.

I sat on my hands in the interest of national unity when that President took the nation to war and invaded another country under what he should have known were false pretenses.

Again, I sat on my hands in the interest of national unity when that President squandered a budget surplus, giving it to his rich friends who bought the election for him.

I sat on my hands when he instituted the same economic policies that led to and prolonged the Great Recession. I remember talk among Democrats of the desire to prosecute that President and President Obama squelching it in the interest of seeking a bipartisan effort to resolve the problems facing the nation.

I can no longer sit on my hands and listen to President Obama being maligned as an ineffectual leader who has accomplished nothing. The Affordable Care Act, ending our occupation of Iraq, the gutting of terrorist leadership, including Osama bin Laden, averting the meltdown of the nations economic system and depression, the overthrow of Muammar al-Gaddafi, the numerous rescues from and suppression of East African piracy are not small accomplishments, though certainly less that what could have been achieved with Republican cooperation.

The obstructionism of the Republican Party over the past four years was amply demonstrated. The party of No.

President Obama began his term with majorities in both houses of Congress and the Democrats could have indeed run roughshod, passing whatever they pleased, in the way the Republicans subsequently did in Wisconsin.

In retrospect, President Obama wasted his first two years of his Presidency, trying to compromise with the Republicans, when they had no intention of allowing him any cooperation for fear that his accomplishments would be seen as their loss. I guess it was shrewd politics but I don’t think it was in the best interests of the nation as a whole.

Now the Republicans threaten to wreck the present economic recovery with the same hysteria and hatred that they used to stymie our recovery from the Great Depression. It was their obstructionism in the years leading up to World War II that turned the Depression into a “double dip”. It was the “deficit spending” required by World War II that finally lifted us out of the Depression.

I was saddened when I first heard the comment of Senator McConnell, my Senator, when he said that his primary purpose was to make President Obama a “one term President”. It is clear that the Republicans are only interested in their own power, not the best interest of the nation as a whole. Our Founding Fathers went to great lengths to ensure that the moneyed elite would not have a lock on political power as well.

Now the Republicans complain that President Obama or those interested in his re-election are running negative ads. How like bullies to whine when their own methods are used against them. I wonder if, when the Republicans are ready to relinquish gamesmanship and return to sportsmanship, they can be trusted.

Gregory W.
Brandenburg, Kentucky

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