Don’t Change Party Just to Get a Handout

To the Editor:
During the Irish famine of 1845-1851, religious organizations of the same faith as the conservatives in power required the Irish peasants to change their beliefs to that of the organization with the food to give out. Those that changed their affiliation for a meager handout were known as Soupers.

There seems to be a great many Soupers wanting a change from the current government to a conservative one. These Soupers should consider what the conservatives did during the famine years. They said the famine did not exist, than they said it did exist but it wasn’t all that bad. When it did get really bad they dumped the problems on the local government.

The safety net initiated by the conservatives required the starving 99 percenters to work hard labor that contributed nothing to the economy and used more calories to work than what little they were paid would buy in replacement calories. What they did do was protect the absentee land owners (Wall Street, multinational corporations, campaign contributors) from any loss on their farm and cattle operations by increasing the police and military escorts on the food exports.

Our citizens don’t have any countries to emigrate to for jobs. The safety nets created in earlier times only hang there for a short while and then fail. The conservatives say they can create jobs but do not give specifics and have not created any jobs.

The conservatives say if the rich aren’t taxed they will create jobs. What jobs has the Wall Street bankers receiving million dollar bonuses created? What jobs have the million-dollar sport figures created? What jobs have the multinational corporations created with their billions in the bank? What jobs have the millionaires in the Congressional delegation created?

If you voted for the current government don’t become a Souper. You won’t be better off. Work with your current affiliation for change.

Jamie Fraser
Tucson, AZ

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