Here Come Democrats’ Divide-And-Conquer Strategies

Here Come Democrats’ Divide-And-Conquer Strategies

To the Editor:Newspapers

The Huffington Post reported that 46.4% of working Americans paid no federal income tax in 2011. At the DNC on Tuesday, Democrats tried to convince Americans that not helping to support the infrastructure these individuals use every day, the military that protects them, or the government that serves them was somehow “patriotic.” In furthering their hypocritical position, they asserted that those who paid nothing were already paying their “fair share.”

Divide and conquer strategies are nothing new to the Democratic Party. Pitting neighbor against neighbor by promising that one will be forced to pay the share of both so long as the one paying nothing votes for the Democrat is nothing but class warfare, no matter how Democrats may try to spin it. This is an abomination, it is un-American, and it will ultimately lead to both sides having less.

Common sense dictates that it is not only patriotic, but also fair for all working citizens to have, as President Obama likes to say, “skin in the game.” Whether it is five dollars or $5 million, every American should participate in funding the government which we have all put in place.

When taxes are raised on one group, taxes should be raised for everyone. This way, when pandering politicians call for higher taxes to pay for their reckless spending, all Americans would band together in calling for more fiscal responsibility and less wasteful government spending and the country would be stronger and more unified for it.

Carl Schroeder
Wildwood, MO

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