Another BP Letdown: Contaminated Gas

To the Editor:
I am writing about the process that BP is taking to corrct the problem they have with the contaminated fuel.

I am one of the unlucky customers that received some of that bad fuel from one of the BP stations in Chicago when wefilled up on Saturday Aug 18. On Monday Aug 20th when the story broke my vehicle had all the symptoms of the bad fuel.

I got it in to a dealership they fixed it and now they are waiting on BP to pay them at the same time I’m waiting as well due to the fact I have to get back to North Carolina to be back at work on Sunday.

The dealership wont release my vehicle until they get paid from BP. BP is giving me and the dealership the run around about when and who is going to py the bill for the repairs.

I work for the military and I am a military veteran if this is the way an American company treats their veterans I’d rather deal with some forigen company.

Kenneeth L. Warmack II
U.S.M.C. Retired

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