Only One Party Showing Up to Solve Problems

To the thumbs up and down
We face a pivotal election in a few short months. As we listen to the messages of candidates who have polarized so much of the political conversation in this country, consider this:

Mitt Romney showed us that he cares deeply for his family. So did Barack Obama. Mitt Romney has not shown that he cares for anyone else. Obama took on the heroic challenge of providing access to healthcare for every citizen, an objective of many presidents, both Republican and Democrat since FDR.

Obama shows he cares when he risks everything to do the right thing. “Obamacare” is by no means perfect, but it is a start of something that could assure access for all of us – something that virtually every other major industrialized nation in the world has!

Romney promises jobs. Herbert Hoover did too. Hoover’s slogan “a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage” did not stave off the worst depression in US history. It is also ironic that Romney promises jobs. He made his fortune on eliminating them in this country.

When both parties could have worked together to move this country out of a potentially catastrophic recession, only one showed up to address the problem. The others, following a mantra expressed by Rush Limbaugh, worked to “make Obama and the Democrats fail.”

Romney asks: ‘Are you better off than you were four years ago?’ That is a very dangerous question to ask if people have any memory at all. Four years ago we were on the threshold of a full-scale depression! Our economic recovery is not robust, but it is a recovery nonetheless. And again, where have the Republicans been in the quest to solve the economy over the last four years?

Romney and Ryan would extend the Bush tax cuts. They promise this will stimulate job growth. These same tax cuts were in existence when the economy crashed. Why would they work now when they certainly did not work then?

The time is long overdue for sanity to come back to both parties and for a spirit of deep collaboration to take precedence over ideology. Staunch ideologues have never helped the person on the street. Instead, they have caused immeasurable harm and suffering throughout human history.

I am not a fan of progressives and I am not a fan of tea party conservatives (which seem to have stolen the heart of the Republican Party). Both are cut from the same cloth, just opposite ends.

When we go to the polls this year, I pray we will remember these things!

David C.

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