A Democrat Misses the Old GOP

To the Editor:
Just wanted to write to say that the GOP is missed. This Democrat misses the old days when the GOP was known as the party of fiscal responsibility. I miss the way the GOP would come to an issue and consider solutions to help move our country forward instead of walking away because it took an oath to be uncooperative, even if it meant tearing down the country.

I know the GOP misses allowing its members to be free to have opinions that don’t always go along with the party line. I know the GOP misses having a leader who leads and is not led by the Koch brothers and Grover Norquist.

I know the GOP is ashamed that the party feels that the only way it can win is to cheat by restricting voters; it used to have integrity.

And I hope the GOP understands that until it sees women as equals it will never sit in the Oval Office. But the truth is, we, the people – not corporations, have spent the last four years cleaning up a lot of elephant manure and if the GOP thinks it can do it again and crap all over this great nation, it should think again.

The GOP should rewrite its platform, bring it in line with the current century, stop trying to control women, and remember corporations are not people.

People are people and we vote. GOP, you are missed but you’re not getting anywhere near the Oval Office until you do some serious soul searching.

Hunter Baptiste

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