Biden Speech Vindicated Teachers

To the Editor:
During the Democratic National Convention, I experienced a ray of hope in an otherwise dismal outlook on education. The Vice President’s wife Jill Biden was introduced as a respected, honorable educator who makes a differnece as an educator in our country on a daily basis.

As a public educator of 34 years it was a moment of vindication from all the teacher-bashing that I have experienced over the past several years. I have been a registered Repulbican, Independent and Democrat over the years and respect all parties.

My experience is that the educators I have known care deeply about the students they serve and sincerely want them to succeed and have a good life and deserve respect and admiration.

I sincerely hope that going forward, teachers are recognized as heroes and the best hope our country has for a better future, not the scapegoat for what is wrong with America.

Chip L.
Richmond Township, PA

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