Keynesian Stimulus Can Be Effective

To the Editor:
I am discouraged by those who propose that Keynesian stimulus is ineffective.

It was effective when Ronald Reagan used it — remember? At the time, he oversaw a budget deficit that was then the largest in the nation’s history (blame it on Congress if you will, but a deficit-fueled stimulus is a deficit-fueled stimulus).

It seemed to be just the solution when George W. Bush smashed Reagan’s records for the largest deficits in the nation’s history (Of course, a chunk of the deficits were not “budget deficits” because reps kept both wars off the budget).

Perhaps a more accurate conclusion is that “trickle down’ has never been tried.

Every time we’ve been told it was being used, those telling us so were actually loading up a pig trough full of Keyensian spending increases.

Mark B

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