Bain Roots in Staples’ Sales Tactics?

To the Editor:
Have I got this right?

The Haggler (in the New York Times article “Selling It With Extras, or Not at All”) reports on complaints from some Staples’ customers and even some Staples’ employees.

They complain that Staples pressures its employees to sell computers at an advertised bargain price – but only if the customer also agrees to buy “on average, $200 worth of other stuff” like protection plans. If the customer declines, suddenly she’s told the computer is not in stock.

And reportedly, Staples penalizes the employee if the bargain-priced computer is sold to the customer without “other stuff.”

But, say, wasn’t Staples’ business model shaped early by Bain Capital? And doesn’t Mitt Romney proudly claim he headed Bain Capital while Staples was successfully learning how to sell computers and “other stuff”?

Tino C.
Chevy Chase, Maryland

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