Defending Washington DC’s Metro Service

To the Editor:
As a newcomer to the area, I would like to chime in on the Metro discussion in the Washington Post. No doubt the criticisms are true and the flaws should be addressed.

However, I have encountered nothing but good cheer from the employees when I needed help and I see them monitoring the vending machine area to help people who appear dazed. They’ve given me directions and there have been maps available in some stations, which is enormous help (and should be essential in all stations). I also like the stations that have timetables outside the turnstile area.

I do think about the broken escalators in the event of an emergency and envision a stampede. But after living two years in a developing country, I am unfazed by the fact that they just don’t work. My request would be for a better lighted area so that I can read while I wait for the next train. These eyes just ain’t what they used to be.

L. Reed Kingsley
Arlington, VA

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