Here’s How to Stop the Super PACs

To the Editor:
The curse,“may you live in interesting times,” comes to mind as I look out at Congressman Ryan’s home, kitty corner to mine, and the cement barricade, the silver secret service car in front of my house.

I attribute these interesting times to the 2010 Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, which allows corporations and foreign countries to donate unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns. Drastically unbalanced campaign funding has resulted.

Politicians, who favor the wealthy and corporations are by far the most heavily funded. And politicians, who are more interested in helping the majority of Americans rather than corporations, are less vocal out fear of losing funding.

The unprecedented amounts of corporate money donated to this year’s campaigns is spent on unrelenting attack ads to convince the people that their interests lie with candidates most allied with the interests of big oil, the pharmaceutical industry, the Koch brothers, Diane Hendricks, etc.

With unlimited funds to run these ads, their frequency becomes more salient than truth. If candidates’ policies favor corporations and the wealthy rather than the majority of Americans, they must necessarily leave their true purposes unspoken and resort to smears and distortions to win popularity.

I urge all good citizens to work towards ridding our nation of the corruption fostered by Citizen’s United. Join with Move to Amend, a nonpartisan organization that is working towards this end.

You can refer to the website

Jennifer Bleak
Janesville, WI

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