Save Voter ID Changes for Next Election

To the Editor:

What’s going on with all this ‘Voter ID”? People who have voted all their lives are being turned away. WHY?

Some elderly people were born at home and don’t have birth certificates, and no longer have driver’s licenses. To get a government issued ID there’s a fee that some can’t afford or don’t know how to go about getting one.

Why were they always able to vote in the past, but cannot do so now? Voter fraud? There is none.

The Bush administration studied voter fraud for 10 years, and they found it to be .00003%. (None).

Why are they looking for a solution when there is no problem? An elderly veteran who always used his veteran ID to vote has been told it is no longer any good.

There are other changes, in hours, days, and in how people can help others with being able to register. People fought and died for the right to vote. Wasn’t that battle won long ago?

Won’t the winner of an election feel better knowing that nobody was disenfranchised? Why are we going backwards? Do we need to fight this battle (the right to vote) again?

If in fact, the voting rules must be changed, then fine. However, it should be done for the next election. When people go to vote this time, they should be able to vote as they’ve always done in the past.

While there, they shoud be given a sheet of paper with all the new rules, stating exactly what they will have to do and what they will need before they can vote again.

In doing this, people will see in black and white what they must do, and it will give people time to try and satisfy what these new rules call for. Not every state is using such strict rules, but many states are.

Voting should be made easy, not difficult. For Heaven’s sake, this is America.

Donna Wagberg
Manistee, MI

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